It Came From the Sea II is organised by Connect Nothing With Nothing.

Named after the line in T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland  “on Margate Sands I can connect nothing with nothing”, we don’t really focus on any particular genre- more on a particular vibe and atmosphere.

Weird stuff, heavy stuff, intense stuff, surprising stuff. Lots of psych, drone, doom metal, post-punk, electronica, but also sometimes political indie pop or techno. You never know. .

We also strongly focus on DIY, non-hierarchical and Mutual Aid based approaches to organising music.

We also try to make sure we are inclusive and widen our net when it comes to the musicians we put on. Music is not a straight white cis boy’s club, and there is a whole wealth of talent out there beyond that demographic.

We also will not tolerate racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia or other kinds of bigotry at our events.

Any questions, please get in contact via email.


21-22 The Centre

Elsewhere is an independent record shop, cafe bar and 150 capacity venue in the centre of Margate, located ten minutes walk from Margate train station and five minutes walk from Margate Main Sands. Buses stop right outside the venue. Parking is easily available in neighbouring streets.

Accessibility information

Toilets are unisex, and down a flight of stairs. Currently no wheelchair accessible toilet.

The bar stage is at ground level and step free, but the main stage is down a flight of steps in the basement.

Connect Nothing have a policy of not using strobe lighting.


Standard weekend tickets are £45.

Day tickets are £20

All prices inclusive of fees

Available at the Connect Nothing website.



Main Stage:
Mugstar: psychedelic krautrock
Bismuth: geologically slow doooooom
Bodies On Everest: if John Carpenter made doom with a frankly ludicrous amount of amps
Lovely Wife: North Tyneside’s Premier Sanatogen Tonic Wine Tasters
Death Crush: “You are Tokyo. Deathcrush are Godzilla.”
Black Shape: For fans of Sabbath and Take That

Möbius: Lovely Wife vocal loop side project
Forest Mourning: new side project from Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska
Drooping Finger: You didn’t know you wanted an ambient noise soundtrack to creepy shows like Earthfasts, but you definitely do


Main stage:
Sex Swing: “A transcendent dose of ultra-heavy psych”
Bloody Head: Disgusting swamp sludge. You love it.
SHUCK: Gnod/Ghold supergroup
Vile Sect: Birmingham sludgelords
Sky:Lark!: “Heavy stuff with big riffs”.
Savage Realm: Brutal.

Markers – dual guitar bliss
Klämp– Dutch noise rock on God Unknown
Poor Claires– violin and bass improv loops for Godspeed fans
Krupps– New Bloody Head side project


Main Stage:
The Cosmic Dead : “Glasgow’s loopy, gloopy space rockers”
Acid Cannibals: your favourite Scottish vegan party metal band
Luminous Bodies: Psychedelic filth for Melvins and Butthole Surfers fans
Bruxa Maria: Corruscating noise rock
Henge: “Dripping acid/dork sludge/punk rot”
Public Service: new post-punk band from Fraser from Acid Cannibals and Katy from Gloss Rejection
Fret!: “Depressed Beach Boys playing wonky punk”

Modern Technology– you may not press the buttons
Left Hand Cuts off the Right – Robbie drove everyone out of the Turner Gallery recently with this
Girl Sweat – Join the cult
Beautiful Mushroom Boys– We begged Matt Ridout to stop showing people his “beautiful mushroom” but he won’t stop
Toska Wilde– Thanet’s very own Divine