SHUCK are not afraid of playing against type. A combination of two seasoned bruisers from Britain’s heavy experimental scene, featuring Al Wilson of Ghold on bass and Jon Perry of Gnod/Lake of Snakes on drums, the sounds found on their debut EP for Hominid Sounds comfortably shirks all expectations with infectious abandon.

Rather than some over-done, blown out clash of the titans, Wilson and Perry have focused the energy and power from their respective projects  into crafting pummelling, propulsive, tightly composed punk bangers that chase, with neck aching degrees of success, the all-encompassing glory of the hook. Each track gallops from the gate, harmonized vocals soaring over huge slabs of bass and distorted guitars that surge together in hugely satisfying, tongue firmly in cheek melancholy. Every component  in their sound is crafted to illicit a riotous bang-over.

The pair wear their passion for the glory days of 90’s sludge songcraft firmly on their sleeves… and in the spittle that’ll be showering your face as they scream their next chorus. SHUCK currently play live with Andi Jackson (Our Man In The Bronze Age/ Lake of Snakes) guitar and backing vocals.