Bismuth are a two-piece band from Nottingham, UK, formed in 2011. Tanya Byrne plays bass through a large multiple amplifier set-up and Joe Rawlings plays drums really slowly.

In November, Dry Cough Records, Rope or Guillotine, Medusa Crush and Tartarus Records released Bismuth’s second album ‘The Slow Dying of the Great Barrier Reef’ and the band completed a UK / Ireland tour with Vile Creature.

“In a genre where stoner riffs and Electric Wizard rip-offs are a dime a dozen, to hear something that’s so measured, so deliberate and yet so punishingly extreme is a breath of fresh air.” The Sleeping Shaman

“Drone/doom is a deceptively tricky genre to master – if you nail it, it can be one of the most intoxicatingly hypnotic experiences the world of extreme music has to offer, but too many bands seem content just to turn up their amps, sit back and hope for the best. Thankfully, Nottingham duo Bismuth are not only one of those bands that really do ‘get’ it, they also do it really, really well.” Terrorizer



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